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Turn Your Classroom into a Student-Centered Mathematical Playground

Series Course Description: The classroom environment leaves an impression on how your students capture math content from September through June. In this session, we will share ideas on how to transform your learning environment into a space of engaging mathematical thinking and activity. We will focus on a variety of tasks including how to set up and maintain a vibrant student-centered classroom, how to create access for all types of math learners and validating and supporting students to rise to a challenge.

* Learn tasks, puzzles, and problems to differentiate for all the learners in your classroom.
* Learn ways to offer an entry point into deeper math thinking and discussions that will last the entire school

Audience: Teachers K-12. The audience for this session is geared towards upper elementary through high school math teachers, however, the concepts are transmissible to all elementary teachers as well.

Time: This course takes 1 hour to complete.

Presenters: Karen Martin

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: 1.0

  • Module 1: Getting Started (25 mins)
  • WATCH: Getting Started
  • DO: Explore
  • MODULE 1- DO: Reflect & Share Discussion
  • Module 2: Access For All (25 mins)
  • WATCH: Access for All
  • DO: Explore
  • MODULE 2: DO: Reflect & Share Discussion
  • Module 3: Validation & Support (5 minutes)
  • WATCH: Validation & Support
  • Module 4: Tour of Karen's Classroom & Wrap Up (5 minutes)
  • WATCH: Classroom Tour
  • Course Completion
  • Thank You!
  • Course Evaluation and Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever