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Meaningful Fluency & Number Sense: Practices that Promote and Support a Growth Mindset

Course Description: Fluency practice should be meaningful, not based on memorization or time. This course offers participants an opportunity to learn strategies to help students make sense of their fluency and make connections to building relationships amongst numbers. Explore fluency activities that are fun, don’t depend on time or pressure, and support a growth mindset. Participants will walk away with resources and activities to try with their students immediately.

-Learn strategies for fluency practice.
-Explore creative ways to integrate activities to support connections between numbers.
-Explore simple activities that promote a problem-solving, growth mindset approach to math instruction.

Audience: Teachers, K-12

Time: This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Presenters: Karen Martin

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: 1.0

  • Math Fluency PPT.pdf
  • Module 1: What is Math fluency (20MINS)
  • Module 1- Getting Started: What is math fluency?
  • DO: Reflect & Share
  • Module 2: Number Talks (20mins)
  • Module 2- Number Talks
  • Module 3: Number Strings (15mins)
  • Module 3- Number Strings
  • DO: Explore & Share
  • Module 4:Activities (10mins)
  • Module 4- Activities
  • Module 5: Guess who (25mins)
  • Module 5
  • DO: Reflect & Share
  • Thank You!
  • Course Evaluation and Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever