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Mentoring: Customize for Your School

Series Description: This is part of a three-part series about mentoring. Participants will be invited to explore ways to identify, customize, and utilize current and new resources to support new staff at your school.

Description: What kinds of mentoring will benefit your school? What are your needs and goals? In this course, participants will consider ways to identify the unique needs and strengths of their school staff and use this as a baseline to outline the purpose, people, frequency, and goals for planning and developing a mentoring experience that best fits their school.

Course Objectives:
*Assess the purpose of mentoring in your school by reflecting on your new-to-school staff needs
*Identify strengths to leverage your current staff to support new-to-school staff
*Identify what mentoring program is right for your school and ideas to start small

Audience: Leaders or Teacher-Leaders K-12

Time: Length of Course 30 minutes

Presenter(s): Kathy Oboyoski-Butler

Courses in the Mentoring Series:
Mentoring: The Basics
Mentoring: Resources & Implementation

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: .5

  • Module Title: Mentoring: Customize For Your School (30 min)
  • Course Planning Document: Mentoring: Customize For Your School
  • Module 1: Watch
  • Module 1: Customize for Your School
  • Reflect & Share: Mentoring: Customize For Your School
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