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Collaboration and Co-Teaching to Support ALL Learners

Course Description:Interested in learning how to maximize the impact of the adults in your classroom? This course takes you through the what, why, and how of collaboration and co-teaching. Learn some simple, efficient, and effective ways to organize yourself and your co-teacher, your paraeducators, or any other adults in your classroom to create FUN and inclusive environments. Designed for K-12 teachers who are interested in getting started with co-teaching or anyone looking to improve their collaborative/co-teaching practices

Course Objectives:
Learns will:
1. Understand how Co-teaching supports a vision for Inclusive Schooling
2. Identify the differences between collaboration and co-teaching
3. Explore models and examples of exemplary co-teaching

Audience:General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and School personnel interested in learning about co-teaching or improving their collaborations.

Presenter(s):Diana Scarselletta Straut, Ph.D

Time:1.5 hrs

Certification Area Pedagogy

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: 1.5

  • MODULE 1- WHY: The Context for Collaboration & Co-Teaching (26 mins)
  • WATCH: Collaboration & Coteaching - (16mins)
  • DO: Reflect and Share
  • DO: Collaboration & Coteaching to Support-
  • MODULE 2- The WHAT: Collaboration vs. Co-Teaching(16 mins)
  • WATCH: Continuum of Placements - (16 mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share
  • MODULE 3- The How: Models & Examples of Co Teaching
  • WATCH: Our Goals for Students- (18mins)
  • EXPLORE: Planning Your Approach
  • MODULE 4- Getting Started: Tips, Tools, Templates (30 mins)
  • WATCH: Getting Started (17mins)
  • DO: Explore and Share
  • Course Completed
  • Thank You!
  • Course Evaluation and Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever