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Grading & Assessment

Course Description: This introductory course explores how to avoid a “one size fits all” grade based on a point system in the classroom. Learn practical strategies to identify learning targets, set goals, and allow for flexibility. It’s time to rethink the point system, consider alternatives to grades based on the 100% scale, and encourage your students to engage, practice, and demonstrate their skills based on standards (and not behaviors). Learn the basics such as identifying priority standards and how to support students in taking responsibility for their learning. You are invited to come to this course with an open mind to examine the process of grading. Although math examples will be used in this session, these instructional planning concepts are applicable to assessment in all content areas. Resources are provided at the end of this course to further explore these assessment ideas for grading.

Course Objectives:
1. Identify the difference between formative and summative assessments and how they can be used in meaningful ways in the classroom.
2. Explore the point system for grading and how it impacts accurately assessing students’ understanding of skills and competencies
3. Explore learning targets and how they help determine what we are looking for in student learning outcomes.
4. Explore practical actions to take when rethinking how to use the point system in the classroom.

Audience: Teachers K-12

Presenters: Karen Martin

Course Area: Teaching Practices

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: 1

  • Module 1: Getting Started (2 MINS)
  • WATCH: Reflecting on the Purpose of Grades (30 secs)
  • WATCH: Essential Assessments-Getting Started (1 min)
  • Module 2: Formative vs. Summative Assessments (12 mins)
  • WATCH: Formative and Summative: What’s the Difference? (12 mins)
  • Module 3: The Point System (10mins)
  • WATCH: The Point System (11 mins)
  • Module 4: Learning Targets (13 mins)
  • Module 5: Action Steps: How to Get Started (11 mins)
  • WATCH: Actions Steps: How Can I Start? (6 MINS)
  • DO: Reflect & Share
  • Module 6: Resources to Explore
  • Resource 1: Grading for Equity Charter 1
  • Resource 2: Articles & Video Clips
  • Resource 3: PPT Slides from the Course
  • Course Completion
  • Thank you!
  • Course Evaluation and Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever