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Standards-Based Learning Course 3: Assessments for Leveled Learning

Series Description: Standards-Based Learning provides transparency to your students, their families, and your administration in order to communicate clearly what students have learned and need to practice. In this series, participants will consider how to implement standards-based learning through the lens of a secondary math-content teacher; however, the concept of leveled learning is applicable to teachers in all content areas and grades.

This course is part of a 3-part series about Standards-Based Instruction. It is encouraged to engage in all three courses, however, they can stand alone if needed.

Course 1: Unpacking Standards into Learning Levels
Course 2: Identifying Levels to Differentiate for Deeper Learning
Course 3: Assessments for Leveled Learning

Goals for this Series:
Develop a better understanding of standards-based learning.
Explore how to take initial steps toward creating leveled tasks based on a standard.

Course Description: In Course 3, participants will examine formative and summative assessments and build off the previous two courses in this series by unpacking standards into learning levels, creating learning tasks, and designing assessments based on the learning standard. Participants will explore implementation aspects for standards-based learning classroom tools such as redos, retakes, and homework.

Guiding Questions for Participant Learning:
What are the key differences between formative and summative assessments, especially concerning a SB classroom?
What is the difference between edits, redos, and retakes and how can I effectively implement these in my classroom?
What does standards-based assessment look like in action?

Audience Teachers K-12

Presenter: Karen Martin

CTLEs Needed?: Yes CTLE Hours: 1.5

  • MODULE 1: SBL-Grading What does that really mean? (28mins)
  • Watch: SBL-Grading: What does that really mean? (20mins)
  • Watch: SBL-Bias in our Own Grading Practices from Student to Student (3mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share: Discussion Thread (5mins)
  • MODULE 2: SBL-Assessment w/ a Standard-Based Grading Lens (19mins)
  • Watch: Assessment with a Standards-Based Grading Lens (14mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share Discussion Thread (5mins)
  • MODULE 3: SBL-Summative Assessments & Tracking Progress (25mins)
  • Watch: SBL-Summative Assessments & Tracking Progress 20mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share Discussion Thread (5mins)
  • MODULE 4: Q & A with Karen Martin (18mins)
  • Watch: SBL-Series Question 1 (2min)
  • Watch: SBL-Series Question 2 (4mins)
  • Watch: SBL-Series Question 3 (3mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share Discussion Thread (5mins)
  • DO: Reflect & Share Discussion Thread (5mins)
  • Course Completion
  • Thank You!
  • Course Evaluation and Feedback
  • Resources to Explore
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever